CR. E. DI. T. T. GR

Our research

Given the importance of Greek communities abroad, the CR.E.DI.TTGR Research Team’s goal is to gather, synthesize and produce knowledge that will contribute to the formation of new policy proposals for the country’s relationship with the Greek diaspora all around the world.

Our research focuses on the emerging – due to the ten-year economic crisis – diaspora and its special features.

The first stage of the research will be dedicated to the study of the basic characteristics of the Greeks abroad today and their views about the metropolis. To this end, we will follow these steps:

  • Data collection through semi-structured self-assessment questionnaires, which will include closed and open type questions and through focus groups
  • Extensive stocktaking of good practices through in-depth research on the international literature on diasporas.
  • Exchange of ideas among the Greek communities around the world, experts, and policy makers on diaspora issues through online and offline debates, roundtables etc.

The aim is to formulate new policy proposals informed by the outcomes of our Research and provoke a public debate about a new relationship between Greece and its diaspora. For this reason, the results of our research will be presented through scientific publications and policy analysis documents, but also through Op-Eds on relevant media in Greece and abroad

The idea for CR.E.DI.T.T.GR was born in the midst of the economic crisis at a time when Greek immigrants seeking work and meritocracy in metropolises around the world were growing exponentially.

The innovation of our proposal lies in the fact that we study migration beyond the phenomenon of ‘brain drain’ and based on an interdisciplinary approach that combines the scientific fields of International Relations of Small States, Migration Economics, Political Science.



CR.E.DI.T.T.GR is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation in the context of the Action “1st Announcement of research projects of Hel.F.R.I. for the support of faculty members and Researchers and the supply of high value research equipment ”(Project Number: HFRI-FM17-3816). Our proposal was among the 10 best proposals out of the 20 that were finally approved for funding in the field of Social Sciences among 150 proposals that were submitted in the first phase of the competition in the specific scientific field and category. Evaluation elements were the scientific adequacy of the proposal, the originality, the quality of the research team, the balanced budget and the feasibility. The acronym comes from the title of the research project: Crisis Emerging Diaspora Tendencies Towards Greece.